Chapter 24 - Driver License Bureau Rules

12 CSR 10-24.010 Form Filing
12 CSR 10-24.020 Trial De Novo Procedures and Parties
12 CSR 10-24.030 Hearings
12 CSR 10-24.040 Completion Requirement for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)
Rehabilitation Program
12 CSR 10-24.050 Deletion of Traffic Convictions and Suspension or Revocation Data
From Missouri Driver Records
12 CSR 10-24.060 Delegation of Authority to Administer Missouri Drivers License
12 CSR 10-24.070 License Issuance Procedures and One License Concept
of the Drivers License Compact
12 CSR 10-24.090 Missouri Driver License or Permit Vision Test Guidelines
12 CSR 10-24.100 Driver License Procedures for Persons Under the Age of Twenty-one
12 CSR 10-24.110 Procedures for Issuance of a Nondriver License 9
12 CSR 10-24.130 Horizontal Peripheral Vision Screening Temporal Requirements
12 CSR 10-24.140 Procedures for Reissuance of a Missouri Driver License, Nondriver License,or Instruction Permit Not Received After Mailing by the Department
12 CSR 10-24.160 Missouri School Bus Operator’s Permit Driving History Guidelines
12 CSR 10-24.190 Driver License Retesting Requirements After a License, School Bus
Permit or Temporary Instruction Permit Expires/Examination Results
to be Invalid After One (1) Year
12 CSR 10-24.200 Driver License Classes
12 CSR 10-24.300 Commercial Drivers License Written Examination
12 CSR 10-24.305 Commercial Driver License Requirements/Exemptions
12 CSR 10-24.315 Tow Truck Operator’s and Commercial Drivers Licensing
12 CSR 10-24.325 License Denial for Suspension, Revocation, Disqualification or
12 CSR 10-24.326 Third Party Tester and Examiner Sanction and Hearing Guidelines
12 CSR 10-24.330 Delegation of Authority to Third-Party Testers to Conduct Skills
Tests of Applicants for Commercial Drivers Licenses
12 CSR 10-24.335 Commercial Drivers Licensing Third Party Examination Audit
Retest Process
12 CSR 10-24.340 Receipt of Mail of Compliance Documents
12 CSR 10-24.350 Group Testing of Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers by Missouri
State Highway Patrol
12 CSR 10-24.360 Third-Party Trainers
12 CSR 10-24.380 Hazardous Materials Written Test Requirements for Commercial Drivers License Transfer or Renewal
12 CSR 10-24.390 Commercial Driver Instruction Permit
12 CSR 10-24.395 Delegation of Authority to the Missouri State Highway Patrol to
Conduct Skills Testing of Applicants for Commercial Driver Licenses
12 CSR 10-24.402 Department of Revenue Instruction Permits
12 CSR 10-24.404 Commercial Drivers License Reciprocity
12 CSR 10-24.410 Driver Examination Denial
12 CSR 10-24.412 Commercial Driver License Waiver for Farm-Related Service Industries
12 CSR 10-24.420 Standards Governing Motorcycle Helmet Construction
12 CSR 10-24.428 Excessive Speed Defined
12 CSR 10-24.430 Back of Driver License, Permits, and Nondriver License
12 CSR 10-24.438 Department of Revenue not Designated as an Election Official
12 CSR 10-24.440 Motor Voter Registration Application Form
12 CSR 10-24.444 Ten-Year Disqualification
12 CSR 10-24.448 Documents Required for Issuance of a Driver or Nondriver License or Instruction Permit
12 CSR 10-24.452 Highway Sign Recognition Test
12 CSR 10-24.460 Driver’s Privacy Protection Act
12 CSR 10-24.465 Disqualification of Commercial Motor Vehicle Operators Due to
Railroad-Highway Grade Crossing Violations
12 CSR 10-24.470 Procedure for Obtaining a “J88” Notation on a Drivers License for
Deafness or Hard of Hearing
12 CSR 10-24.472 “Permit Driver” Sign
12 CSR 10-24.474 Calculation of the Commercial Driver Disqualification
12 CSR 10-24.480 Boater Identification Indicator on Driver or Nondriver License
12 CSR 10-24.485 Permanent Disability Indicator on Driver or Nondriver License