Why are we changing our motor vehicle license plate?
This change is to commemorate Missouri’s 200th anniversary of statehood.  State law requires the Department of Revenue to begin a full reissuance of license plates with the new plate design no later than January 1, 2019.  The new design commemorating our bicentennial will replace the current Missouri bluebird license plate.

Who decides on the new plate design?
According to state law (301.125, RSMo), an Advisory Committee is responsible for determining the new plate design. The committee is made up of the director of the Department of Revenue or his or her designee, the superintendent of the Highway Patrol, the correctional enterprises administrator, the director of the Department of Transportation, the executive director of the State Historical Society of Missouri, and the respective chairpersons of both the Senate and House of Representatives Transportation Committees.

Can I attend public meetings on the new design?
Public meetings were already held in Springfield (September 27), Lee's Summit (October 11), Town & Country (October 25), and Poplar Bluff (November 1) to obtain public input on the final design.

Can I vote on the new plate design?
The State Historical Society of Missouri website was updated to allow Missourians to vote on potential license plate designs and provide feedback to the Advisory Committee. The voting poll was available from September–December 2016.

Why was this plate design selected?
This design is representative of the entire state. The plate celebrates the bicentennial with red waves at the top of the plate and blue waves at the bottom of the plate to symbolize our Missouri flag and Missouri rivers. The plate also has Missouri’s state seal in the center of the plate.

Additionally, the Missouri State Highway Patrol indicated that this new design had the greatest readability of all plates tested for visibility during the day and nighttime hours.