Effective August 28, 2013 (in accordance with Senate Bill 75):

  • The Department of Revenue no longer issues or renews CCW endorsements;
  • The authority to issue CCW permits is transferred to the local sheriff or sheriff's designee; and
  • Any CCW endorsement issued on a Missouri driver license or nondriver ID prior to August 28, 2013, will remain valid until the expiration of the endorsement.
  • The Department no longer has any information or data regarding your CCW. CCW information will no longer appear on any driver license or nondriver ID document (new or renewal) issued in the future. If you only obtained a nondriver ID to display your CCW information, you may choose not to renew this document when you receive your renewal notice in the mail.

All questions regarding the CCW endorsement or CCW permit should be directed to your local sheriff or sheriff’s designee.

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