Information 24/7 – If you have questions about a ticket, suspension, or revocation on your Missouri driver record, you may now call our new interactive voice response system at (573) 526-2407 - available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Send the following items to the Driver License Bureau, PO Box 200, Jefferson City, MO 65105-0200 before your suspension/revocation period ends.

  • Substance Abuse Traffic Offender Program (SATOP) completion form or a comparable program completion form. The Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse will send this form directly to us after you complete the program. Any questions regarding SATOP comparable programs should be directed to a certified SATOP Offender Management Unit or the Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse at (573) 522-4020.
  • $45 reinstatement fee. Money order or personal check is acceptable. Please include your full name, address, date of birth, and driver license number.

If you have met your reinstatement requirements and are otherwise eligible, you can get your driver license back after your suspension or revocation period has been served. We will send the driver license back to you with your reinstatement notice.

You may be eligible for a Limited Driving Privilege (LDP). The LDP can be used for work, your alcohol program, medical treatment, school, etc.

It is a form from your insurance company that shows your motor vehicle has liability insurance. (Click here to see an example of the SR-22 form)

The SR-22 is not required for reinstatement for a Minor in Possession/Other Alcohol Offenses action; however, the SR-22 is required if you file for a Limited Driving Privilege (LDP). The SR-22 must be kept in effect until the LDP expires.

You are not required to retest upon reinstatement unless your driver license expired during the suspension or revocation period and has been expired for more than six months.

The law requires you to complete a SATOP for reinstatement if your driving privilege was taken away for:

  • Any alcohol- or drug-related traffic offense.
  • Any offense involving the possession or use of alcohol or drugs.
  • Any offense involving the alteration, modification, or misrepresentation of a driver license.

The Minor in Possession/Other Alcohol Offenses action can only be removed if the person is at least 21 years of age and it is after five years from the reinstatement date. You must submit a written request to our office requesting the Minor in Possession/Other Alcohol Offenses action be removed.

If you have additional questions, please check out other Driver Licensing FAQs.