Any veteran of the United States military may choose to obtain the "VETERAN" designation on a Missouri driver or nondriver license.

Persons requesting the "VETERAN" designation must submit -- at the time of initial request for the driver or nondriver license with the new designation -- a United States Department of Defense discharge document (otherwise known as a DD214) which indicates a discharge status of "honorable", "general", "under honorable conditions", or "general under honorable conditions", or a United States Uniformed Services Identification Card (otherwise known as a DD Form 2) that includes a discharge status of "retired" or "reserve retired".

Less than 1% of veterans may have a document other than the DD214 or DD Form 2, which the National Personnel Records Center, the Department of Defense and the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) recognize as an equivalent type document for the DD214 or DD Form 2. If you do not have a DD214 or DD Form 2, you should send a copy of your documentation and contact information to the Missouri Veterans Commission at the following address:

Missouri Veterans Commission
ATTN: Veterans Drivers License Designation
205 Jefferson Street
PO Drawer 147
Jefferson City MO 65102-0147

The Veterans Commission will review the documentation and make the determination if the submitted documents meet the criteria as an equivalent type document for the DD214 or DD Form 2 and issue a DD214 or DD Form 2 equivalency letter to you. After you receive the letter, you may take the letter to a license office and apply for the Veteran Designation on your driver license or nondriver identification card.

No, after the designation is added to the driver license, you will not be required to resubmit the DD214 or DD Form 2 to retain the designation on subsequent driver license transactions. However, if you had initially added the designation to a driver license and are now requesting it to be added for the first time to a nondriver license (or vice versa), you may be required to re-submit the DD214 or DD Form 2.

There is no additional cost to add the indicator; however, the standard new, renewal or duplicate transaction and processing fees will apply.

No, you are not required by law to obtain the veteran designation. It is an optional designation.

The designation will be posted upon request to the back of the document. It will appear as a banner symbol with the word "VETERAN" within the banner.

License Banner