Refund Debit Card

The Missouri Department of Revenue offers taxpayers the option of receiving their refund from their 2013 Missouri Individual Income Tax Return or Missouri Property Tax Credit Claim on a refund debit card.

Debit Card Image

The refund debit card is an option for taxpayers, whether they file electronically or file a paper return. To receive a refund debit card, just mark the "debit card" box located on the refund line of the 2013 Missouri Individual Income Tax Return or Property Tax Credit Claim. After the card is received in the mail, it must be activated by phone or online, and a personal identification number must be created.

Some of the benefits of a refund debit card include no check cashing fees, no bank account is required, and access to the funds 24 hours a day. Taxpayers can use the refund debit card, for free, almost anywhere Visa is accepted.

More information about the refund debit card can be found at the links below: