Tax Forms

  • 2016 Early Release - These forms are considered final for software companies, with the exception of federal line references.
  • Data Recognition Forms - These are forms the Department designs to automate document processing to improve overall accuracy and efficiency. Fields on these forms are set up on a 10 x 6 grid (10 characters to the inch and 6 lines to the inch) to assist software developers in creating substitute versions.

Software Vendor Forms & Information

NOTE:  A completed and signed Form 5639 must be submitted before vendors can receive the 2015 schemas and participate in testing.

Current schema versions for Tax Year 2015

  • Individual Income - MOIndividual2015v4.0
  • Corporate and Partnership – MOBusiness2015v2.0
  • Fiduciary- MOEstateTrust2015v1.1

File Specifications

This is the Electronic Return File Specifications, Test Packages, and Schemas for Individual Income, Corporate, Partnership and Fiduciary Tax Returns.

2-D Barcode Information