Important Notice

The forms listed below are considered final with the exception of federal line references and the current year interest rate. All final versions of the forms will be posted to their respective pages, according to tax type. You will not need to resubmit your forms for approval, but will be expected to update them accordingly with the new information.

NOTE: The form links will remain inactive until the form is available for posting.

If you have any questions regarding this process you may contact the Forms Group at: [email protected].

Form Number Description Date Posted Status and/or Changes
Form 53E-10 Annual 10% EEDP Reconciliation Return - 10% Recovered Material    
Form 53E-25 Annual 25% EEDP Reconciliation Return - 25% Recovered Material    
Form 205 Collector's Annual Settlement  


Form 1312 Monthly County Collection Report    
Form 1315A Monthly Statement of Collections    
Form 1749E-10 Application for 10% Electrical Energy Exemption for Manufacturing  


Form 1749E-25 Application for 25% Recovered Material Electrical Energy Exemption for Manufacturing    
Form 2330 Apportionment Schedule C — Financial Institutions    
Form 2331 Financial Institution Tax Schedule B  


Form 2811 Missouri Corporation Income Amended Return (MO-1120X) Instructions for Tax Years 1992 and prior  


Form 2823 Credit Institution Tax Return    
Form 4340 Individual Consumer's Use Tax Return    
Form 4347 Apportionment Schedule — Bank Franchise Tax    
Form 4354 Worksheet for Calculating Business Facility Credit, Enterprise Zone Modification and Enterprise Zone Credit for Individuals    
Form 5071 Corporation Investments In or Advances to Subsidiaries Schedule    
INT-2 Bank Franchise Tax Return    
INT-2-1 Bank Franchise Tax Schedule BF    
INT-3 Savings & Loan Association — Building and Loan Association Tax Return    
MO W-4 Employee's Allowance Withholding Certificate  


MO-1NR Income Tax Payments for Nonresident Individual Partners or S Corporation Shareholders    
MO-2NR Statement of Income Tax Payments for Nonresident Partners or S Corporation Shareholders    
MO-3NR Partnership or S Corporation Withholding Exemption Revocation Agreement    
MO-22 Authorization and Consent of Subsidiary Corporation to Be Included in a Missouri Consolidated Income Tax Return    
MO-60 Individual Application Extension of Time To File    
MO-851 Affiliations Schedule    
MO-1040 Individual Income Tax Return  
MO-1040A Single/Married (Income From One Spouse) Tax Return — Short Form  
MO-1040P Property Tax Credit Claim/Pension Exemption - Short Form  
MO-1041 Fiduciary Income Tax Return    
MO-1065 Partnership Return of Income    
MO-1120 Corporation Income Tax Return    
MO-1120S S Corporation Income Tax Return    
MO-1120X Amended Corporation Income Tax Return for Years 1992 and Prior    
MO-2210 Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Individuals  
MO-2220 Corporation Underpayment of Estimated Tax Schedule  


MO-5090 Net Operating Loss Addition Modification Worksheet    
MO-7004 Corporate Application for Extension of Time to File    
MO-8826 Disabled Access Credit    
MO-A Individual Income Tax Adjustments  
MO-ATC Adoption Tax Credit Claim    
MO-BTC Bank Franchise Tax Credit for S Corporation Shareholders    
MO-C Missouri Dividends Schedule    
MO-CFC Champion for Children Tax Credit Claim    
MO-CR Credit for Income Taxes Paid to Other States  
MO-CRP Certification of Rent Paid    
MO-FT Corporation Franchise Tax Schedule    
MO-HEA Home Energy Audit Expense    
MO-MS Corporation Allocation and Apportionment Schedule    
MO-MSS S Corporation Allocation and Apportionment Schedule  


MO-NBI Nonbusiness Income Schedule    
MO-NFT No Franchise Tax Due    
MO-NRF Nonresident Fiduciary Return    
MO-NRI Missouri Income Percentage
MO-NRP Nonresident Partnership Form    
MO-NRS S Corporation Nonresident Form  


MO-PTC Property Tax Credit Claim    
MO-PTS Property Tax Credit Schedule  
MO-SCC Shared Care Credit  


MO-SHC Self-Employed Health Insurance Tax Credit    
MO-TC Miscellaneous Income Tax Credits