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NumberNameTax YearRevision Date
11AK-1 Kerosene Exemption Certificate5/21/2014
1531Fuel Delivered for Marine Use4/23/2014
1536Transporter Report of Deliveries6/4/2014
2796Fuel Tax Registration Change Request2/25/2014
2827Power of Attorney12/10/2014
2879Irrevocable Letter of Credit2/27/2015
2992Fuel Tax Exemption Certificate - Sales to U.S. Government4/15/2014
2994Schedule of Supplier of Permissive Supplier Terminal Rack Removals6/30/2014
3008Schedule of Terminal Operator Disbursements6/26/2014
331Surety Bond2/28/2015
332Cash Bond2/27/2015
4172Assignment of Certificate of Deposit2/27/2015
4707Three Day Import Payment Voucher6/25/2014
4752Distributor's Pool Bond Agreement4/16/2014
4754Schedule of Terminal Operator Receipts5/29/2014
4755Notification of Loss of Motor Fuel12/24/2014
4756Affidavit for Loss of Motor Fuel12/23/2014
4757Distributor's Monthly Tax Report5/29/2014
4758Schedule of Supplier State Diversion Corrections5/29/2014
4759Schedule of Pool Bond - Bond Contributions - 5T5/29/2014
4760Supplier Notification of Uncollectable Tax6/25/2013
4776Federal Government Exemption Certificate5/14/2014
4782Transporter Report5/14/2014
4783Consumer Payment Voucher6/4/2014
4785Schedule of Terminal Operator Inventories Schedule 1/7A5/14/2014
4923Motor Fuel Refund Claim9/29/2014
4924Motor Fuel Refund Application8/7/2013
4925Schedule A - Marine Fuel Purchases By County7/24/2014
5084Agricultural Gas Bulk Sale Exemption Certificate5/23/2014
5085Bulk Deliveries of Agricultural Gasoline9/29/2014
5141Public Mass Transportation Operator Exemption Certificate5/23/2014
5378Agreement to Receive Refund by ACH Transfer12/5/2014
5636Marina Operator Exemption Certificate8/28/2015
572Supplier/Permissive Supplier's Monthly Tax Report11/6/2015
573Schedule of Supplier Tax-Paid Receipts6/25/2015
574Distributor's Schedule of Receipts6/30/2014
575Terminal Operator Report6/30/2014
587Schedule of Distributor Disbursements9/1/2015
588Schedule C - Auxiliary Equipment Deduction Schedule7/2/2013
591Supplier Delinquent Tax Collection7/7/2014
795Missouri Motor Fuel Tax License Application7/25/2014
8AAffidavit for Bad Debt Loss4/23/2014