No. However, the required software mapping is provided in the EDI Implementation Guide so the taxpayer has the option of building an EDI program in-house. If the taxpayer chooses not to build the program, they can seek the assistance of a software vendor.

Currently, the taxpayer is allowed to participate in the EDI program, without participating in the EFT program. With the ease of electronic filing and payment, it’s recommended that the taxpayer consider taking advantage of both programs.

Once the taxpayer has EDI software in place, contact the motor fuel tax EDI Coordinator to set up a testing schedule. This process includes receiving a department issued ID and password to gain access to the department’s secure internet file transfer site. For more information, call (573) 522-1851.

A file acknowledgement can be downloaded at the file transfer site by reviewing “Account Status” located in the site’s menu.

The taxpayer can access the EDI Presentation for more information about the motor fuel tax EDI program. To address more specific questions, call the EDI Coordinator at (573) 522-1851.