The Missouri Department of Revenue assumes no responsibility for the content or accuracy of content on non-Revenue sites.

American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators
Missouri is a member of AAMVA. This site offers links to other state's vehicle and driver licensing agencies, plus information on a national scale about licensing and highway safety issues.
Federation of Tax Administrators
As most states, Missouri is a member of the Federation of Tax Administrators. If you find you need tax forms and information from other states, the FTA site offers you links to virtually every other state, plus several state-by-state surveys of various tax rates and other interesting taxation information. Handy site for tax professionals.
Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
You can download many federal tax forms and publications from the IRS website.
Missouri Code of State Regulations (CSR)
The Code contains agency-promulgated regulations that clarify or explain how state laws are to be implemented or interpreted. The online Code is maintained by the Secretary of State. For the official version of the Code of State Regulations, please use the printed copy available from the Secretary of State’s Office.
Missouri Constitution
The Missouri General Assembly maintains this site, where you can read and reference the Missouri Constitution, the basis of Missouri state government.
Missouri Lottery Commission
The Lottery Commission administers the state lottery system. Although formally organized under the Department of Revenue, its operations are entirely separate from the department.
Missouri Register
Before a regulation can take effect, state agencies must first publish the proposed regulation in the Missouri Register. Citizens and other interested parties then have a period of time during which they can comment on the proposal. The Missouri Secretary of State's office publishes this online version of the Missouri Register, reaching more citizens than ever before. The Register is published weekly.
Motor Carrier Services
The Missouri Department of Transportation registers interstate commercial trucks and administers the International Registration Plan, yearly fuel tax licenses, and fuel tax reports for the International Fuel Tax Agreement.
Multistate Tax Commission
Missouri is also a member of the Multistate Tax Commission. Its site offers information about taxation issues that cross state lines, such as sales tax exemption certificates and information. For businesses that operate in different states, the MTC can provide paperwork and links to tax agencies that may be helpful to business owners.
Revised Missouri Statutes (RSMo)
The Revised Statutes contain current Missouri state law. The Revisor of Statutes (Missouri General Assembly) maintains the statutes. The online version is updated once a year and should be used as a reference only. Please see the official version of the RSMo at your local library or contact the Missouri General Assembly.
Small Business/Self-Employed
Your one-stop federal business resource.
State Tax Commission
The STC is responsible for overseeing the state's property tax collection system, which is based at the county level of government. The commission is organized as a Type 3 commission under the Department of Revenue. Its operations are entirely separate from the Department of Revenue.