It is illegal to drive a motor vehicle in Missouri without automobile liability insurance. The vehicle driver must show proof of insurance to any law enforcement official, upon request, or a traffic ticket will be issued to the driver. If convicted of “failing to show proof of insurance,” one of three things will happen to the driver:

  1. The court will send the conviction to the Department of Revenue and the conviction will be entered on the driver’s driving record. Four points will be assessed against the driver’s driving record. Did you know that it only takes a total of eight points within an 18-month period to lose your driving privilege in Missouri?
  2. The court may enter an order of supervision. This order is sent to the Department of Revenue so that the driver can be monitored to ensure automobile liability insurance is being maintained.
  3. The court may enter an order suspending the driver’s driving privilege for failing to show proof of insurance. This order is sent to the Department of Revenue at which time the driver is notified of the suspension of his or her driving privilege.

Periods of Suspension

1st suspension ...............................0 days
2nd suspension .............................90 days
3rd and subsequent suspension ........1 year

After the driver serves the required period of suspension, his or her driving privilege can be reinstated if the Department of Revenue receives the following:

1st suspension

2nd suspension

3rd and subsequent suspension

Any vehicle driver whose driving privilege is suspended for failing to show proof of insurance must maintain liability insurance on his or her vehicle for a period of three years following the end of the suspension. The driver must file this proof of insurance with the Department of Revenue during this three-year period. If the driver fails to provide this proof, the Department of Revenue will again suspend his or her driving privilege. The suspension will remain in effect for the remainder of the three years unless the driver refiles the proof of insurance.