Statutory reference: Section 303.240, RSMo.

You may submit a deposit of cash or negotiable securities as proof of financial responsibility. To do so, you must submit:

  • A completed Affidavit for Assignment of Securities (Form 4201);
  • A completed Affidavit of no Unsatisfied Judgments (Form 4202); and
  • One of the following:
    • Cash deposit: You may deposit at least $60,000 in cash with the State Treasurer's Office and obtain a certificate to submit to the Department of Revenue;
    • Certificate of deposit (CD): You may submit a CD valued to at least $75,000;
    • Stocks/bonds: You may submit stock/bond certificate(s) valued to at least $75,000; or
    • Other negotiable securities: You may submit an acceptable form of negotiable securities. Refer to the list of acceptable securities located on the State Treasurer's website.

The above items must be submitted to:

Missouri Department of Revenue
ATTN: Self-Insurance
PO Box 200
Jefferson City MO 65105-0200

Within two weeks of receiving your request, our staff will issue your certificate of self-insurance and identification cards, or issue a letter denying your request.