Statutory reference: Section 303.230, RSMo.

In order for the Department of Revenue to accept a surety bond as proof of financial responsibility, the following conditions must be met:

  • A Financial Responsibility Surety Bond (Form 2308) must be completed by a surety company duly authorized to transact business in this state;
  • The bond must show an amount of at least $75,000 and contain the Corporate Seal;
  • A completed Power of Attorney form must accompany the bond, indicating the name of the Attorney-in-Fact who completed the bond, that the bond is acceptable for financial responsibility, and that the surety company will cover the amount of the bond; and
  • The signatures of both the Principal and Attorney-in-Fact must be notarized on the bond.

The above items must be submitted to:

Missouri Department of Revenue
ATTN: Self-Insurance
PO Box 200
Jefferson City MO 65105-0200

Within two weeks of receiving your request, our staff will issue your certificate of self-insurance and identification cards, or issue a letter denying your request.