2023 Legislative Session

2022 Legislative Session

The following legislative changes affect the Missouri Department of Revenue's motor vehicle and driver license processes and are effective August 28, 2022.


Voter Registration Provisions (HB 1878)

This provision requires the Department to utilize electronic voter registration, and provide secure electronic transfer of voter registration information to proper election authorities. This requirement has already been implemented in March of 2022.


Affidavit Requirement Removal for Free Nondriver License ID (HB 1878)

This provision removes the requirement for individuals who apply for a free nondriver license ID for voting purposes to sign a statement certifying they do not currently hold an acceptable form of personal identification.


Definition of School Bus (SB 681/SB 682)

This provision modifies the definition of a school bus to waive the school bus endorsement requirement for noncommercial drivers transporting students in vehicles capable of transporting 10 or fewer passengers. Drivers eligible under the new provision must have a valid operator’s license.


Organ Donor Program Fund (SB 710/HB 2331)

This provision revises the contribution an applicant can make during driver license and motor vehicle transactions from $1, to not less than $1. An applicant can make a donation to the Organ Donor Program in any amount of their choosing, as long as such donation is not less than $1.