NOTE: The information presented below is for historical purposes only, and may be out of date.

Effective August 28, 2010 - House Bill 1695 and Senate Bill 583

House Bill 1695

  • Coordinates the reporting of DWI offenses, limits the expungement of convictions for drivers with multiple alcohol-related offenses, places DWI cases in the state's circuit court system, gives circuit courts the option to create "DWI courts", establishes new sentencing and monitoring standards, and modifies the guidelines for issuance of a Limited Driving Privilege (LDP).
  • Strengthening Missouri's DWI Laws

Senate Bill 583

  • Requires nonresidents operating a vehicle in Missouri to maintain liability insurance that conforms to the laws of the state that the vehicle is registered in. Failure to maintain insurance may result in law enforcement issuing a ticket, which may result in 4 points being added to the operator’s driver record and/or a suspension of the operator’s driving privilege and owner’s vehicle registration.
  • Mandatory Insurance