NOTE: The information presented below is for historical purposes only, and may be out of date.

Effective August 28, 2012 - House Bills 1402 and 1647, and Senate Bills 470, 628, and 719

House Bill 1402

  • Allows for a parent or legal guardian to grant written permission for a driver 25 years of age or older to accompany an instruction permit holder who is less than 16 years of age for purposes of providing driving instruction. The parent or legal guardian must ensure the driver meets the minimum age requirement, holds a valid driver license and has been licensed for a minimum of three years.
  • Removes the requirement for Administrative Alcohol hearings to be conducted in the county of arrest. Authorizes the Department of Revenue to conduct in-person Administrative Alcohol hearings at regional hearing locations.

Senate Bill 470

  • Creates a new section of law which allows for a “VETERAN” designation to be added to the back of a Missouri driver or nondriver license upon request.

Senate Bill 628

  • Modifies Section 32.056, RSMo, to add any state or federal judge or his or her immediate family to those groups that can prohibit the Department of Revenue from releasing information contained in its motor vehicle and driver license records.

Senate Bill 719

  • Allows active duty members of the U.S. armed forces to submit a proof of completion card from a military Motorcycle Rider Training Course (MRTC) to waive the driving skills portion of the motorcycle endorsement test.