E-file works in conjunction with the Internal Revenue Service's (IRS) Electronic Filing System. Taxpayers can e-file from a computer, or by using a tax preparer who is an approved Electronic Return Originator (ERO). The state return is transmitted to the IRS along with the federal return. When the federal return is accepted, an acknowledgment (electronic confirmation) is sent from the IRS. The IRS then transmits the state return information to the Missouri Department of Revenue (department). When the state return is accepted, an acknowledgment is sent from the department.

The department has entered into an agreement with certain software providers to offer free online filing services to qualified Missouri taxpayers. This agreement is called Free File Alliance. Through this agreement, taxpayers can file their Federal and Missouri income tax returns using approved software.

These are the benefits of e-filing:

  • Convenience. You can electronically file 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Security. Your tax return information is encrypted and transmitted over secure lines to ensure confidentiality.
  • Accuracy. Electronically filed returns have fewer errors than paper returns.
  • Direct Deposit. You can have your refund direct deposited into your bank account.
  • Proof of Filing. An acknowledgment is issued when your return is received and accepted.

You can e-file unless any of the following apply:

  • Certain schedules excluded by the IRS as listed in Publication 1345
  • Claiming Enterprise Zone or Rural Empowerment Zone Income Modification (Form 4354)
  • Claiming a resident credit (Form MO-CR) with more than 10 states per taxpayer

Some taxpayers, meeting certain criteria, may qualify to have their federal and state income tax returns e-filed for free. Click here to see who qualifies for Free File.

Taxpayers can e-file over the internet from a computer if they have software approved by the IRS and the Department of Revenue. Software can be purchased, downloaded from the internet, or accessed online. Taxpayers, meeting certain criteria, may qualify to e-file their federal and state income tax returns free of charge, while a fee may be applied to other taxpayers. Click here to see who qualifies for Free File.

Taxpayers can also e-file through a tax preparer, providing the preparer has been approved by the IRS. All tax preparers approved by the IRS are called Electronic Return Originators (ERO). Check the list of authorized ERO's from the IRS's website.

If you are not able to e-file your federal and state returns at the same time, or are not required to file a federal return, you can e-file your Missouri return as a State-Only return through the e-file program (if your software provider supports State-Only filing). Not all providers support State-Only filing and some have restrictions. Reminder: If you are required to file a federal return, you must complete your federal return first before completing your Missouri return.

Yes. Your tax information is encrypted and transmitted over secure phone lines to ensure confidentiality.

The IRS and the Department of Revenue do not charge a fee for e-filing. Electronic Return Originators (ERO) or software providers offering this service to taxpayers may charge a fee for the preparation and/or transmission of the return. Some taxpayers, meeting certain criteria, may qualify for Free File. Check the link for third party vendors for more information, or review the list of tax preparers (ERO’s) who transmit electronic returns.

Acknowledgments (electronic confirmations) are issued online by the IRS and state when the returns are received and approved. The federal acknowledgment is received first since the federal return is transmitted first. If there are no errors, an acknowledgment is usually received within 24 hours of the transmission. If the IRS detects an error, an error message is sent back to you or your preparer for corrections to be made. Once the corrections are made, the returns are re-transmitted to the IRS. If the federal return is accepted, the IRS transmits the state return. The state return is usually received within three days of a correct transmission to the IRS. An acknowledgment is also issued by the department.

You can file your return electronically any time during the filing season. Payment must be made by April 15th to avoid interest and penalty charges. You can pay your balance due to the Missouri Department of Revenue by check, direct debit, online payment, or through our interactive payment line.

Check: To pay by check, make your check payable to the Director of Revenue and mail it along with the department’s payment voucher (Form MO-1040V), to the address indicated on the voucher. The software you are using should produce a payment voucher for you.

Direct Debit: Payments can be submitted with your electronically filed return, through your software provider. Payments can be scheduled up to 120 days in the future. Please allow up to 7 business days, after the effective date, for the payment to be debited from your account.

Online Payment: To pay online, visit our "Pay Individual Income Taxes Online" page. The department accepts MasterCard, Discover, Visa, and American Express. Payment can also be made by bank draft. A convenience fee is charged to your account for processing.

Interactive Payment Line: Call (888) 929-0513 to make a payment through our payment line. Payments can be made by credit card or electronic bank draft and have the same convenience fees as the online payment system.

Yes. E-file allows you to enter your bank account number and routing number so your refund can be direct deposited.

No. No paperwork needs to be submitted when you electronically file your return. We advise you maintain copies of all documents for your records. In some cases, the department will notify taxpayers if documentation is needed for verification.

Starting with Tax Year 2017 the Department has eliminated Form MO-8453. Signature requirements for Missouri Individual Income Tax e-file are fulfilled through the IRS e-file procedures.

For 2020 tax year and forward, Amended returns can be submitted electronically or by paper form. For tax years prior to 2020, all amended returns must be completed on a paper form, Form MO-1040. There is an amended return box in the top left corner that should be checked.

If you still have questions, please check out other Individual Income Tax FAQs.