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NumberNameTax YearRevision Date
2175Missouri Cigarette or Other Tobacco Products Tax License Application4/4/2014
265-20Consolidated Monthly Cigarette Tax Report (20s only)9/26/2014
265-25Consolidated Monthly Cigarette Tax Report (25s only)9/26/2014
266Schedule A - Cigarette Receipts From Manufacturers or Importers10/3/2014
267Common Carrier Monthly Report Cigarette Tax5/22/2014
2827Power of Attorney4/18/2018
2879Irrevocable Letter of Credit2/27/2015
304Cigarette Tax Stamp Record - Schedule C6/27/2013
331Surety Bond2/28/2015
332Cash Bond2/27/2015
4172Assignment of Certificate of Deposit2/27/2015
4341Other Tobacco Products Summary First Sale Retailers Monthly Report of Purchases7/7/2014
4342Other Tobacco Products Monthly Report - Out of State Wholesalers Selling into Missouri6/27/2014
4343Other Tobacco Products Receipts Schedule4/2/2014
4357Other Tobacco Products Tax Exemption Certificate5/30/2014
4387Tobacco Products Tax - Other Than Cigarettes6/27/2014
4388Tobacco Products Other Than Cigarettes New Inventory - Schedule A8/5/2014
4389Tobacco Products Other Than Cigarettes Customer Returns to Inventory - Schedule B4/24/2014
4390Tobacco Products Other Than Cigarettes Export Sales - Schedule C5/22/2012
4405Cigarette Decal Purchase Order Form7/31/2017
4426-20Out of State Missouri Cigarette Wholesaler Monthly Cigarette Tax Report (20s only)6/21/2016
4426-25Out of State Missouri Cigarette Wholesaler Monthly Cigarette Tax Report (25s only)6/21/2016
4592Request for Cigarette Tax Records6/25/2014
4732Cigarette and Other Tobacco Products Registration Change Request7/17/2014
4790United States Importers Cigarette Sales to Missouri Wholesalers Monthly Tax Report5/14/2014
4791Tobacco Products - Other Than Cigarettes Retailer Tax-Paid Purchases from Missouri Licensed Wholesalers - Schedule F1/15/2015
4795Tobacco Products Other than Cigarettes Export Sales - Schedule A4/16/2014
4916Wholesalers Monthly Report of Cigarettes and Roll-Your-Own Tobacco3/9/2015
5067Consumer Payment Voucher - Cigarette/Other OTP5/30/2014
5298Registration for Electronic Notification of Changes in the Missouri Tobacco Directory2/9/2015
5299Registered Agent Statement - Name and Address of Missouri State Registered Agent2/9/2015
5300Non-Participating Manufacturer's (NPM) Appointment of Registered Agent for the State of Missouri2/9/2015
5301Missouri Tobacco Directory - Participating Manufacturer Brands Certification9/29/2014
5302Escrow Compliance Certificate and Affidavit (Non-Participating Manufacturers)3/16/2018
5303Missouri Tobacco Directory - Non-Participating Manufacturer Brands Certification2/9/2015
5304Missouri Tobacco Directory - Non-Participating Manufacturer Certification2/9/2015
5305Missouri Tobacco Directory - Participating Manufacturer Certification2/9/2015
5378Agreement to Receive Refund by ACH Transfer4/21/2017
5422Missouri Tobacco Directory-Supplemental Cigarette and Roll Your Own (RYO) Packaging Change Notification2/9/2015
5467State Cigarette PACT Act PA-1 Report for Missouri2/9/2015
5468State Tobacco PACT Act PA-2 Report for Missouri2/9/2015
5622Cigarette Stamp Refund Request10/7/2015
783Export of Stamped Cigarettes Report - Schedule E4/15/2014
Schedule FMissouri Stamped Cigarettes Sold to Missouri Retailers or Consumers8/20/2013