A Transportation Network Company (TNC) is a corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship, or other entity that is licensed pursuant to Sections 387.400 through 387.440, RSMo, and operating in the state of Missouri that uses a digital network to connect TNC riders to TNC drivers who provide prearranged rides.

Beginning August 28, 2017, a TNC must obtain a business license from the Department of Revenue, Motor Vehicle Bureau, before operating in the state of Missouri. The steps to apply for an initial TNC business license are:

  • Complete an online TNC business license application through the MyDMV website;
  • Apply for a MyDMV public portal account during the application process;
  • Provide a PDF or TIFF copy of the applicant’s privacy policy as required by, and in accordance with, Section 387.425, RSMo; and
  • Pay an annual license fee of $5,000.

The same requirements apply for renewing a TNC business license, with a few exceptions:

  • Applicants will not have to submit the privacy policy unless it has changed or is different from the privacy policy already on file with the Department; and
  • Applicants will not have to apply for another MyDMV public portal account as one was previously assigned.

A TNC business license is valid for 12 months.