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April 30, 2009

Revenue Dept. Redesigns Online Vehicle Registration System; Improvements Include Temporary Registration Receipt

The Missouri Department of Revenue has made its online license plate registration system more user-friendly, and the improvements will allow many Missourians a longer period in which to renew their license plates.

The department implemented the redesign of the Missouri Online Registration Exchange (MORE) earlier this month, and it may be accessed directly at http://plates.mo.gov.  It is also available on the Department of Revenue’s homepage (www.dor.mo.gov) and on the State of Missouri homepage (www.mo.gov) by clicking on the license plate logo.  Improvements include an updated appearance, quicker navigation and fewer steps for customers to follow.

The biggest improvement centers on how close to the expiration date the MORE system can be used to renew a vehicle registration (license plate).  Missourians who have received a renewal notice (containing a PIN number) through the mail have always been able to use the online renewal system any time of the day.  This new system now allows the system to be utilized even up to the last day that a vehicle registration expires.  Previously, customers were advised that if they were within 10 days of their vehicle registration expiring they should visit a local license office to renew their license plates.

The new system generates a temporary vehicle registration receipt that is valid for up to 30 days, or upon receipt of their plates/tabs in the mail.  A customer using this option will print the receipt out on a printer.  The department worked with the Missouri State Highway Patrol to design the temporary receipt.  It includes security features, such as a bar code that captures certain vehicle registration information, a date and time stamp and transaction number.  Law enforcement will honor the receipt as proof the customer registered their vehicle but are waiting on the plates/tabs to arrive in the mail.

Karen King Mitchell, director of the Department of Revenue, noted the convenience of the new system.

“Most Missourians who live in the participating counties will be able to renew their license plates from home 24 hours a day,” she said. “The new receipt feature will especially help people who wait to renew their license plates close to the expiration time.  The end of the month is the busiest time for our local license offices, and now some customers will be able to avoid that situation by renewing online.”

The system redesign is one step towards Gov. Jay Nixon’s goal to move as much government business as possible online so that it is more convenient for Missouri citizens.  The department plans to add more online transactions in the future.

To be eligible to renew a vehicle registration online, a customer’s county must send us their personal property tax information electronically.  To see a list of the counties currently participating, click on https://dors.mo.gov/dmv/more/pcCounties.do. A customer’s insurance carrier must also be one that sends its information to the department.  Answers to frequently asked questions about the MORE system can be obtained by clicking on http://dor.mo.gov/faq/motorv/more.php or by calling (573) 526-3669.

Citizens wanting to use the system must have ready the same items and documents that they would normally have for a transaction at a local license office. These items include a registration form with a PIN number, a proof of insurance card, a copy of their personal property tax receipt (for the last two years if renewing a license plate for two years), a completed vehicle inspection and/or emission inspection form (if necessary), and an acceptable form of payment such as a credit card, debit card or E-Check.  Certain types of vehicle registrations still do not qualify to renew online such as specialty/collegiate license plates, ATV’s, trailers, and trucks greater than 24,000 pounds. Driver licenses also can’t be renewed online.