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May 03, 2019

Missouri Department of Revenue Encourages Taxpayers to Adopt Best Tax Practices
Taking Steps Now Helps Make Filing Taxes Simple and Predictable

Even though tax season is wrapping up, the Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR) is encouraging taxpayers to adopt some best tax practices to ensure filing taxes will always be as simple and predictable as possible. Chief among such recommendations is for all employees to regularly review their W-4 forms and make any necessary changes based on their filing status.

“While taxpayers should make reviewing their W-4s a regular practice, doing so this year is especially important because the Department updated the MO W-4 form for employee withholding at the start of 2019,” said Ken Zellers, acting director for the Department of Revenue. “Due to recent tax changes at the federal level, employees can no longer increase or decrease the amount withheld from their paychecks by claiming allowances that are not consistent with their specific filing situation. However, if an employee needs additional amounts withheld, they should fill out a new MO W-4, adding the additional amount on line 2.”

Even if a taxpayer received a refund in 2019, they should still complete a “Paycheck Checkup” using the Department of Revenue’s Withholding Calculator to determine if their employer is withholding the correct amount. This will also help taxpayers see the tax savings they are enjoying as a result of the President’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which according to H&R Block, has resulted in an overall 24.9 percent decrease in Americans’ tax liability, the majority of which is coming to taxpayers in their take-home pay, rather than their income tax refunds.

Taxpayers interested in reviewing and possibly updating their MO W-4 can request the form from their employer or print one on the Department of Revenue website. Employees can then simply submit their updated form to their employer. Following up to confirm the updates are in effect is always a good idea, as is reviewing the form at least once a year thereafter.


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