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May 10, 2018

Department of Revenue Reports Latest Numbers on Tax Refund Turnaround Times


The Missouri Department of Revenue is today reporting the most recent numbers on tax refund turnaround times. The Department previously reported its numbers April 23.

“A couple of weeks ago, we reported that from Jan. 1 to the week of April 8, the turnaround time for tax refunds had on average decreased from about 14 days to eight,” said Department Director Joel Walters. “We also said we’d continue to be open and transparent throughout the remaining refund payment process. Today, we’re staying true to our word by relaying that our average time has increased slightly to 9.6 days. However, even with this small jump, we’re still ahead compared to this same time last year, when our average was 18.7 days and we had processed 301,000 fewer refund checks.”

Director Walters emphasized that while the Department is very pleased with the improvements that have been made, the Department wants the public to understand that there are other factors, such as cash flow, that can influence the timing of refund payments and that the numbers may yet change between now and the time at which all refunds have been paid. He stressed that the Department will continue in its efforts to be fully transparent throughout the remaining refund payment process. 

Added Walters: “A faster turnaround time on refund checks is good for our customers and good for Missouri’s economy, as it means more money is being spent at local businesses and circulating through our communities. I’m very proud of all the Department’s hardworking employees and the overall progress that’s been made in service to Missouri citizens.”


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