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May 06, 2009

Bid Process Reaches Halfway Mark With Proposals for AAA St. Louis, Bonne Terre, Cabool, Cassville, Lexington & Salem License Offices

Gov. Jay Nixon’s plan to establish a competitive bidding process for all of Missouri’s local motor vehicle/license offices reached a milestone this week as more than half of the offices have gone up for bid.

With the release of six more bid proposals this week, 96 of the state’s 183 offices are now in some stage of competitive bidding.  The six offices put up for bid this week are Bonne Terre, Cabool, Cassville, Lexington, Salem and the AAA Office in St. Louis City.  The office in St. Louis, also known as the Westside Office, is located at 3917 Lindell Blvd. and is operated by the Automobile Club of Missouri.  Bidders will have five weeks (or until June 9) to submit proposals to the Office of Administration (OA) for the six offices.

“The competition for the right to run an office will result in more efficient operations and better customer service,” Gov. Nixon said.  “Although some offices in the past have been given to chambers of commerce or non-profit groups, the vast majority were given to people strictly because of their political connections.  The result was that there was little incentive for the offices to improve their operations.  Under the new system, every single license office will be put up for bid, and the management of an office will go to the person or group that submits the best business plan.”

Karen King Mitchell, director of the Missouri Department of Revenue, said the bidding process has gone well, and noted some of the criteria that are used for the bids.

“So far, each office proposal has received at least one bid, and some have received up to nine,” she said. “No matter how many bids an office gets, however, the ultimate goal is to award it to an agent who will stress good customer service, offer a suitable office location, and who will be fiscally responsible with the office’s revenues.”

Common transactions that take place at local license offices include renewing or applying for a driver’s license, renewing or applying for registration on motor vehicles, boats and outboard motors, and applying for titles and paying sales taxes on these units.

Copies of the Request for Proposals (RFPs) that bidders will use to develop their bids can be viewed at https://www.moolb.mo.gov/.  To review an RFP, select “Guest” on the home page, click on “Open Bids By Agency,” then scroll through the list of bids until the appropriate bid is located.  (Bid numbers for this week’s offices are located below.)  Additional information regarding the bidding process can be obtained at http://oa.mo.gov/purch/vendorinfo/DORoffices.pdf or by calling OA at (573) 751-2387.

The time to bid for 66 of Missouri’s 183 license offices has ended.  The list of bidders on offices for which the bidding time has closed can be obtained at http://oa.mo.gov/purch/dorlist.pdf.  Nine offices have been awarded under the bidding process.  For a list of winning bids for license offices, please go to http://oa.mo.gov/purch/awardedfeeoffices.pdf

OfficeFY08 Estimated TransactionsFY08 Estimated Processing FeesBid Number
Bonne Terre 40,786 $134,268 B3Z09304
Cabool 8,787 $29,098 B3Z09305
Cassville 42,991 $143,193 B3Z09306
Westside St. Louis (AAA office) 42,289 $124,069 B3Z09307
Lexington 39,961 $132,688 B3Z09308
Salem 28,501 $92,851 B3Z09309