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August 20, 2009

License Office Agents Named for Camdenton, Crane, DeSoto, Imperial & Parkville

JEFFERSON CITY - Five more local motor vehicle and driver license offices were awarded today by the Missouri Department of Revenue as part of a competitive bidding process that has been supported by Gov. Jay Nixon.

The offices awarded today are in Camdenton, Crane, DeSoto, Imperial and Parkville.  This brings to 63 the total number of offices granted under the new system.          

The Camdenton License Office has been awarded to Alternative Opportunities Inc. of Springfield.  This company has previously been awarded the Joplin, Nevada, Republic, Springfield-State Office Building, and South Fremont License Offices.  The Camdenton office will remain at 61 McCrory Drive. 

Cara L. McMenamy has been awarded the right to operate the Crane License Office.  She is the daughter of the current agent and has been the office manager since 2005.  The office will remain at 103-2 South Street.

The DeSoto License Office has been awarded to Julie Lewis Wagner, LLC. Julie Wagner has run the license office since 1993, and the office will stay at its current location of 324 South Main Street.

Paul R. Schmidt, Sr. of Imperial, the agent since 2006, will continue to operate the Imperial License Office.  The license office will remain at 1238 Main Street. 

Red Moon Enterprises, LLC is the new agent for the Parkville License Office.  Tracy Zahnd is the sole proprietor and has been a license office agent since 2005.  Red Moon Enterprises has also been the Harrisonville agent since 2007.  The Parkville office will remain at 6523 North Cosby Avenue.    

Details about changes in office operations, if any, will be announced by the agents.

The five offices awarded today are the latest to have their management chosen using a comprehensive bidding process that was implemented when Gov. Nixon took office on Jan. 12.  The process calls for people or groups to submit detailed bids to obtain the management contracts to operate the offices. The Crane and DeSoto license offices both received one bid, Imperial received two bids, Camdenton received three bids, and Parkville received nine bids.    

This new process was codified in state law when Gov. Nixon signed legislation on July 1 that made the new system a permanent part of state law.  The bill endorsing the change passed with overwhelming bipartisan majorities in the Missouri Senate and House.

"This new process is open, honest and transparent," Gov. Nixon said.  "Management contracts used to be given away to people just because of the political party they belonged to.  Now, individuals and groups compete to make the best offer.  Republicans, Democrats and independents agree that this new process is a vast improvement over the old patronage system."

Alana M. Barragán-Scott, acting director of the Missouri Department of Revenue, noted that the competition for license offices will result in many additional benefits.

"For the first time, current office agents and new bidders will have incentives to provide improved services at the license offices," she said.  "When people want to get a driver license or renew their license plates, they don't care about the political affiliation of the person behind the counter, and the new system reflects that.  Efficient office operations and better customer service are now the key measures of success for local license offices."

Some winning bidders have chosen to return part of their estimated office revenues to the state.  The Camdenton License Office will return 7 percent ($17,265.36), Crane will return one-half percent ($232.01), Imperial will return 5 percent ($12,838.05) and Parkville will return 2 percent ($5,076.76) to the state.  The DeSoto bid did not include a return to the state.  The cumulative amount of estimated funds that will be returned to the state in the first contract year from the 63 license office that have been awarded so far is $412,322.18. 

"The willingness of agents to return some of their revenues is a great cost-efficiency measure for the state, and the amount returned to the state will undoubtedly grow as more bids are awarded," Barragán-Scott said.  "This money can be used for a variety of vital state services."

Of the 183 license offices, 63 have been awarded and the bidding time has closed for another 89.  For a list of winning bidders for license offices, please go to http://oa.mo.gov/purch/awardedfeeoffices.pdf.

All local license offices provide services that are overseen by the Missouri Department of Revenue, but each office is operated by an independent contractor.  Transactions that are conducted at these offices include the issuance and renewal of driver licenses, applying for titles for motor vehicles, and the issuance and renewal of registration for motor vehicles, boats and outboard motors.

Additional information on the bids will be posted by the Missouri Office of Administration within the next few days.