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February 04, 2010

Gainesville, O'Fallon, Ozark, St. Louis (Deer Creek) & Springfield (Glenstone) License Office Management Contracts Awarded

JEFFERSON CITY - Five local motor vehicle and license offices have been awarded after the winning agents submitted business proposals as part of a reformed, competitive bidding process.

The five offices awarded today are in Gainesville, O'Fallon, Ozark, St. Louis County (Maplewood) and Springfield (Glenstone).  All of the offices will remain at their current locations, except O'Fallon.

Bidders have the option of returning a portion of an office's revenues to the state.  Four of this week's winning bids included a return of revenues.  Using processing fee numbers from Fiscal Year 2008, the estimated amount of money that will be returned to the state in the first contract year from the 180 offices that have been awarded so far under the new bidding process is $1,094,389.

"The profits that some office agents will return to the state will help pay for vital state programs," Gov. Nixon said.  "That's why in my budget for Fiscal Year 2011, I propose using $800,000 of this money to fund programs that provide survivor benefits to families of firefighters and other law enforcement personnel killed in the line of duty, and help in paying for college for family members of veterans killed or injured in combat."

The Gainesville License Office will continue to run by Lisa Turner.  She has been the office agent since 2005.  The office is located at 201 High St.  Turner was the sole bidder for the office, and the bid did not include a return to the state.

Elle Management LLC is the new winning bidder for the O'Fallon License Office.  The office will move from its current location of 2380 Highway K across the street to 2421 Highway K.  The winning bid, which was one of nine submitted, included an 8.5 percent ($36,552) return to state.  Elle Management is associated with Terri Harris, Jacqueline Hosack and Megan Leone, all of whom have extensive license office experience, and all of whom live in O'Fallon.  The company was also awarded the Wentzville License Office in November.

Alternative Opportunities Inc. of Springfield will be the new agent for the Ozark License Office.  The not-for-profit corporation provides a variety of comprehensive services, including job placement and assistance for people with disabilities.  The winning bid was one of two submitted, and it included a 6 percent ($13,140) return to the state. The office is located at 103-B W. Church St.

The Deer Creek License Office in St. Louis County has also been awarded to Alternative Opportunities.  A 6 percent ($28,468) return to state was included in the winning bid, which was one of eight submitted.  The office is at 3238 Laclede Station Rd. in Maplewood.

The Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks will be the new agent for the Glenstone License Office in Springfield.  The not-for-profit organization was founded in 2000 and is based in Springfield.  The corporation is a resource for individuals and families impacted by breast cancer.  It provides financial assistance to people who need it, and it also helps fund free mammograms to help diagnose breast cancer in its earliest stages.  The winning bid was one of six submitted, and it included a 10 percent ($42,177) return to the state.  The license office is located at 1534 S. Glenstone Ave.

Details about changes in office operations, if any, will be announced by the agents.

Although Gov. Nixon authorized the Missouri Department of Revenue to implement the new bidding system in January of 2009, it didn't become part of state law until legislation was signed by the Governor this past summer. The new law was overwhelmingly approved by both Republican and Democratic members of the Missouri Legislature.

Of the 180 offices awarded so far, 100 have gone to incumbents, groups associated with incumbent agents or interim agents.  Eighty of the offices have been awarded to new agents.  There are 183 offices statewide.

Alana M. Barragán-Scott, director of the Missouri Department of Revenue, noted one significant difference between the reformed bidding system and the old patronage system.

"The legislation approved by the House and Senate mandated that the Department of Revenue give priority to organizations and entities that the IRS recognizes as tax exempt when awarding the license offices," Barragán-Scott said.  "These not-for-profit groups get a few extra points in the evaluation process, but each bid stands on its own and the groups have to prove that they will run efficient offices with good customer service.  Groups that have been awarded offices so far include education foundations, the Jaycees, Lions, Rotary, city governments and area chambers of commerce."

All local license offices provide services that are overseen by the Department of Revenue, but each office is operated by an independent contractor.  Transactions that are conducted at these offices include the issuance and renewal of driver licenses, issuance of titles for motor vehicles, and the issuance and renewal of registration for motor vehicles, boats and outboard motors.


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