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August 16, 2018

Director Joel Walters presents ‘Vision 2020’ to Department of Revenue employees


Missouri Department of Revenue Director Joel Walters presented the vision for the future of the Department at its quarterly town hall meeting, held Thursday, Aug. 9. “Vision 2020” outlines the major objectives the Department hopes to achieve in the coming years, as well as what success looks like.

“The Department has made some tremendous progress this past year in terms of making our processes more efficient and better serving our customers,” said Director Walters. “That being said, it’s not enough simply to make progress; we must be able to sustain it while also looking to the future to ensure we’re prepared to operate successfully in an increasingly digital world. Vision 2020 identifies the principles underlying where we’ll need to be.”

As outlined in Vision 2020, the Department is aiming to be the most sought after employer in state government and in the top 10 of all employers in the state. Other objectives include delivering a best-in-class experience as compared to all customer service organizations and being the best partner in economic development activity of any state department of revenue in the country. Among other goals, the plan also calls for using data analytics and artificial intelligence better than any state or federal government agency to focus resources, drive efficiencies and optimize performance.

Director Walters added: “Accomplishing the goals laid out in Vision 2020 aren’t going to be easy; some are really aspirational, but I think they have to be. Because as soon as we say we can’t be that good or that’s not possible, well then we’ve settled the question once and for all. There’s no reason why we can’t provide a truly exceptional customer experience, why we can’t consistently deliver at a high level and why we can’t be a place where people aspire to work. We can do all these things and more, and we will.

“Ultimately, Vision 2020 is about putting some stakes in the ground that say these are the things we want to achieve; these are the things we want to stand for; this is how we’re going to be different and this is how we’re going to prepare ourselves for the future. This is a very exciting time for the Department of Revenue and its employees, and I hope our customers are excited too.”

The Department has set a goal of achieving the objectives identified in Vision 2020 by Dec. 31, 2020.


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