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October 04, 2023

Change In Commercial Driver License (CDL) Testing Procedure


The Missouri State Highway Patrol and Missouri Department of Revenue wish to inform potential future Commercial Driver License (CDL) applicants of an upcoming change in CDL testing procedure. The new modernized testing standard being adopted by Missouri will begin on December 4, 2023 and will be utilized by all CDL examiners in the state, including at all Patrol examination sites and all third-party examination sites. The changes in testing procedure include a more streamlined pre-trip examination and more efficient basic skills course.   

Those wishing to train for taking their CDL skills tests on December 4 or later should utilize the following CDL manual for applicable procedures. New Manual

Current testing procedures will remain in effect statewide until December 1. The current CDL manual can be found here.  Current Manual

It is important to note, per federal guidelines, applicants must pass the pre-trip and basic skills using the same testing model, meaning if an applicant passes the old model pre-trip, they must pass the old model basic skills test to be eligible for the road test.  We encourage training schools and applicants to consider this when making plans for testing. 

For more information on this topic, please visit:  https://dor.mo.gov/


Contact Information

Anne Marie Moy, Director of Strategy and Communications
Phone: (573) 751-8222
Email: Annemarie.Moy@dor.mo.gov