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May 02, 2018

Missouri Department of Revenue Invites Citizens to Complete Customer Satisfaction Survey


The Missouri Department of Revenue is inviting citizens to complete its customer satisfaction survey, which can be found on the Department’s website. Customers also have the option of completing a paper survey at any license office location.

“The customer satisfaction survey is a chance for the people we serve to let us know what’s working well and in what areas we need to improve so that we can ensure customers are getting the help they need in a timely, professional manner,” said Ken Zellers, the Department’s chief operating officer.

Customers can provide details on which location they visited or contacted, when they visited, called or emailed, and how many times they had to contact the Department to resolve their issue. Customers are also asked to evaluate statements on their overall level of satisfaction, response timeliness and whether employees were knowledgeable, helpful and professional.

“The Department has recently implemented a number of procedural and cultural changes that have improved how it functions and how it serves the citizens of Missouri,” said Department Director Joel Walters. “While we’ve got data that shows those changes are having a positive impact, it’s important we also know how our customers think we’re doing. We want to know that the new processes and systems we’ve integrated into our day-to-day operations are actually translating into better, more positive experiences for the thousands of citizens we serve every day.”  

To access the Department’s customer satisfaction survey, please visit dor.mo.gov/survey.php


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Contact Information

Anne Marie Moy, Director of Strategy and Communications
Phone: (573) 751-8222
Email: Annemarie.Moy@dor.mo.gov