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December 01, 2014

Missouri Department of Revenue reminds candidates for elections to file candidate affidavits

JEFFERSON CITY - The Missouri Department of Revenue is reminding potential candidates for any elected office in Missouri they are required to file a Candidate's Affidavit of Tax Payments and Bonding Requirements (Form 5120) with the department. The requirement was extended to school board, municipal, and other local elections by House Bill 1136, which was passed by the Missouri General Assembly this year.

By filing the affidavit, a candidate is stating he or she is not delinquent in the payment of any state income taxes, personal property taxes, municipal taxes, or real property taxes on his or her place of residence, and that he or she is not a past or present corporate officer of any motor vehicle and driver license office that owes any taxes to the state.

The affidavit can be downloaded on the Department of Revenue's website at http://dor.mo.gov/personal/candidates/


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