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July 14, 2022

Department of Revenue to automatically renew Permanent Disabled Placards for eligible individuals


The Missouri Department of Revenue announced today that it will automatically renew and mail Permanent Disabled Placards for eligible individuals. To be eligible, a person must already have a Permanent Disabled Placard on file with the Department and their placard must be up for renewal in 2022. All first-time recipients of a placard must still apply in-person at a Missouri license office.

Beginning July 22, the 2026 Disabled Person Placards will be mailed directly to approximately 96,000 individuals with a 2022 Disabled Person Placard on file with the Department. The 2026 placard replaces the 2022 placard and can be used immediately. The Department stresses, however, that the current 2022 placard is still valid through Sept. 30, 2022.

A Permanent Disabled Placard is a removable windshield placard that is to be hung from the rearview mirror of a parked vehicle in order to park in disabled parking spaces. Any physically disabled person, parent or guardian of a physically disabled person, or a not-for-profit group or organization that transports more than one physically disabled person qualifies for a Permanent Disabled Placard. A licensed physician, chiropractor, podiatrist, physician’s assistant, advanced practice registered nurse, physical therapist or optometrist must certify a person is permanently “physically” disabled as defined by Missouri law under 301.142.1 RSMo.

For more information about Disabled Placards, visit the Department’s website at dor.mo.gov/motor-vehicle/disabled-plates-placards/.


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