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May 18, 2012

New Agent Selected for Maplewood License Office

JEFFERSON CITY - The Maplewood License Office will soon have a new agent.

Deer Creek License Office Management Inc., of St. Louis, will be the new agent for the license office.  The corporation was chosen as part of a competitive bidding process that is used for all of Missouri's 182 local license offices.

The winning bid for the license office was one of nine submitted.  The office will stay at its current location at 3238 Laclede Station Rd. in Maplewood.

According to figures from Fiscal Year 2011, there were 125,327 transactions conducted at the office, and it generated $418,222 in agent processing fees.

Bidders have the option of returning part of the office revenues to the state.  The winning bid for the Maplewood License Office includes a 7 percent ($29,275) annual return to state. 

All local license offices provide services that are overseen by the Department of Revenue, but each office is operated by an independent agent.