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August 28, 2020

Department of Revenue to begin issuing new secure Temporary Driver Licenses


Today the Missouri Department of Revenue is beginning a transition in license offices across the state to implement new driver license system hardware and a new secure format for temporary documents, including Temporary Driver Licenses (TDLs) and Money Receipt Only (MRO) documents. License offices will continue issuing the current temporary document until their location has transitioned. It will take approximately 12 weeks to transition all offices.   

Upon application for a driver license, instruction permit or nondriver identification card, customers will receive either a TDL or MRO document for use until the printed license, nondriver ID card or instruction permit is received in the mail. An MRO document is generally issued to individuals applying for a nondriver ID card.

The new temporary documents will include the applicant’s image, signature and demographics and will be printed on paper that includes a perforated section, which can be torn off and folded to be similar in size to an actual license or card. Improved security features include Missouri-specific design elements, chemically sensitive serialized security paper that will display “VOID” if copied, a compliant 2D barcode, and ultraviolet (UV) features.

Demographics and optional indicators on the new temporary documents will be the same as the data printed on the actual license or ID card, with the exception of the expiration date. The expiration date printed on the new temporary document will reflect the term of the temporary document only and will not reflect the expiration date of the card to be issued. The new MRO document will display “NOT VALID FOR DRIVING” in the expiration date field. 

All of the new temporary documents will contain the statement “NOT FOR REAL ID PURPOSES” regardless of whether the transaction issued was for a REAL ID-compliant card. Per federal regulation, temporary documents cannot be REAL ID-compliant and must be marked accordingly. 

There are no additional fees or costs associated with the new TDL or MRO documents.


Contact Information

Anne Marie Moy, Director of Strategy and Communications
Phone: (573) 751-8222
Email: Annemarie.Moy@dor.mo.gov