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March 26, 2009

Dept. of Revenue Launches New Boat Registration Form; Changes Will Result in Savings of More Than $57,000

Boat owners will receive a new boat/vessel registration renewal notice early next month.

The new notices will be mailed by the Missouri Department of Revenue on March 31 to boat/vessel owners.  The notices are for boat, jet ski and other vessel registrations that will expire June 30.

Karen King Mitchell, director of the department, said the new folded and secured postcard format will be more convenient for customers and will save the state money.

“The old renewal notice was a full sheet of paper mailed in a standard envelope,” Mitchell said.  “The new form is in a smaller postcard format that will be handier for boat owners and will also result in lower postage costs for the department.”

The department is also changing the way it provides “marine pocket cards” to its customers.  The cards are issued to boat/vessel owners and must be carried by the owner while the vessel is in operation.  Currently, the cards are printed and mailed to owners about one week after their registration has been renewed.  Under the new system, the cards will be printed directly on customers’ receipts when they renew their registration at a local license office.  Customers receiving new boat/vessel titles and registrations will continue to receive the pocket cards by mail.

The new format of the renewal notice will save the department about $14,800, and the change in how pocket cards are distributed will save about $42,600.

More information on boat/vessel titling and registration can be obtained at http://dor.mo.gov/mvdl/motorv/watercraft/.

The new renewal notice can be viewed by clicking here:  http://dor.mo.gov/mvdl/motorv/renewalnotice/.