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September 01, 2011

Oct. 5 is Deadline to Submit Proposals to Manage Downtown Kansas City License Office

JEFFERSON CITY - Interested groups or individuals will have until Oct. 5 to bid to operate the Downtown Kansas City License Office.

The Office of Administration yesterday issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) asking for bids to manage the license office.  The ability for people or groups to bid to run local license offices is part of Gov. Jay Nixon's reformed competitive process that requires the Missouri Department of Revenue to choose office agents that present the best proposals for customer service and financial efficiency.

The State of Missouri determined that the space required in the current contract for the license office in the Fletcher Daniels State Office Building was excessive, and bidders for the new contract will not be required to use all of the current square footage.

The new RFP notes a preference for the license office to stay in the Daniels Building, which is located at 615 E. 13th St., Suite 111.  Bidders, however, can also propose a new office location that is in a specified area of downtown Kansas City.  The proposed office must be in an area that is bordered by the Missouri River to the north, to 31st Street in the south, and from the Missouri-Kansas state line east to Troost Avenue. 

Alana M. Barragán-Scott, director of the Missouri Department of Revenue, noted the need for a central license office location in Kansas City.

"While the state prefers to use the existing state office building space, we are also open to the possibility that another acceptable location could be proposed for downtown," she said.     

Barragán-Scott also explained how the bidding process works.

"People or groups interested in managing the license office will have until Oct. 5 to respond to the Office of Administration with a bid," she said.  "All of the bids are then evaluated by a review team at the Department of Revenue, and the proposal that scores best in the areas of customer service, business experience, office location and other criteria is the one that is chosen."

During Fiscal Year 2011 (July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2011), the Kansas City License Office conducted 98,955 transactions and generated $350,804 in agent processing fees.  The current agent is the Downtown Council of Kansas City. 

Common transactions that take place at local license offices include renewing or applying for a driver license, renewing or applying for registration on motor vehicles, boats and outboard motors, and applying for titles and paying sales taxes on these units.

A copy of the RFP that bidders will use to develop their bids can be viewed at https://www.moolb.mo.gov/.  To review an RFP, select "Guest" on the home page, click on "Open Bids By Agency," then scroll through the list of bids until the appropriate bid is located.  (The bid number for the Kansas City office is B3Z12035.)  Additional information regarding the bidding process can be obtained at http://oa.mo.gov/purch/vendorinfo/DORoffices.pdf or by calling the Office of Administration at (573) 751-2387.


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