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September 03, 2010

Department of Revenue Putting More Government Services Online
Innovative use of technology will improve services to taxpayers, make government business 'faster, cheaper and easier'

JEFFERSON CITY - Responding to Governor Jay Nixon's call to promote government efficiency, the Missouri Department of Revenue is using technology to improve citizens' access to government by putting more government services online.

"Gov. Nixon has always been a proponent of innovation and making state government more efficient," said Alana Barragán-Scott, director of the Department of Revenue. "Many aspects of government businesses can be accomplished faster, cheaper, and easier when new technologies are embraced, all the while maintaining high quality service to the tax payers of Missouri."

From January 2009 to the present, the Department of Revenue has held the line on costs and emphasized convenience for Missouri citizens.  For example:

  • S-Corporation and business franchise tax returns can now be electronically filed through the Department's website. 
  • The Department's online license plate renewal system (plates.mo.gov) was rebranded and overhauled to make it more customer-friendly. Use of this popular online system has increased more than 2½ times from Fiscal Year 2009 to Fiscal Year 2010. 
  • Citizens can now register their change of addresses on the Department's website instead of mailing in a form or making an in-person visit to the Department.

In addition to these e-government innovations, the Department was also able to save nearly $700,000 by discontinuing printing and mailing certain forms, reducing the size of some printed forms, converting some forms to an electronic format, and reducing postage costs.

The Department is taking advantage of technology to achieve internal efficiencies as well.  For example, the Department has developed its own web-based seminars ("webinars") to provide training to its employees at their desks, saving the cost of employee travel and of paying vendors for programs.  Through the use of webinars, the Department has provided more than 1,300 hours of professional and technical skills training and more than 400 hours of other types of employee training, such as confidentiality refreshers.

"I'm a big believer in embracing new technology," Barragán-Scott said.  "The Department applied this philosophy when redesigning our website, which now provides easier access to our most popular forms and highlights our most popular online services.  And we'll continue to look for ways to achieve cost savings and efficiencies with the use of technology." 


            The Missouri Department of Revenue is now on Twitter!  To follow the Department on Twitter, go to http://twitter.com/MoRevenue.