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July 01, 2019

Department of Revenue releases online Sales Tax Jurisdiction Maps


The Missouri Department of Revenue has released a new online application that makes it easier for Missouri’s consumers to identify the sales tax rates of political subdivisions and special taxing districts throughout the state. The Sales Tax Jurisdiction Maps application satisfies the statutory requirements of House Bill 1858, which was passed by the Legislature in 2018.

“The Department of Revenue is pleased to bring the Sales Tax Jurisdiction Maps application to Missouri’s consumers,” said Ken Zellers, acting director for the Department of Revenue. “With this new feature, any consumer in Missouri will be able to quickly find out how many different taxing authorities are in a given area, as well as the sales tax rates for each authority.

“The Department was happy to work with the General Assembly to create a transparent way for citizens to see where Missouri’s sales tax districts exist and overlap. With greater transparency, consumers in Missouri will be able to make the most informed decisions regarding their purchases.”

Zellers went on to say that the Department has identified additional features it plans to add to the maps within the coming months to further improve upon the application’s functionality.  

House Bill 1858 directed the Department to create and maintain an online mapping feature on its official public website that displays the tax information of Missouri’s political subdivisions that have sales tax authority. The maps display the geographical boundaries of political subdivisions such as cities, counties, ambulance districts, fire protection districts, community improvement districts, transportation development districts and more. Additionally, users have the option of superimposing those boundaries on Missouri’s House and Senate districts.

Consumers can access the Sales Tax Jurisdiction Maps at dor.mo.gov.



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