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March 31, 2009

License Office Reform Continues With Release of Bids for Affton, Carthage, Excelsior Springs, Farmington, Fulton & Imperial

Gov. Jay Nixon’s plan to award the management of Missouri’s motor vehicle offices to the person or group who produces the best bid continued today with the release of bid proposals for six more local offices.

“In the past, political patronage was the only thing considered when most of these offices were awarded,” Gov. Nixon said.  “Now, people from all political backgrounds – or people who have no political affiliation – are able to bid to operate these offices.  Employee experience, good customer service, cost efficiency and an accessible, secure office location are the criteria that matter the most.”

The six offices that have been put up for bid this week are Affton, Carthage, Excelsior Springs, Farmington, Fulton and Imperial.  Interested bidders will have five weeks (or until May 5th) to reply to the Request for Proposals (RFPs) released this week by the Office of Administration.

Karen King Mitchell, director of the Missouri Department of Revenue, said that bidders need to be prepared to make detailed proposals.

“The teams that evaluate these proposals are very serious about the quality of the bids,” she said.  “People or groups that submit bids need to provide all of the information requested to have a good chance to be awarded the management of a license office.”

Common transactions that are processed at local license offices include renewing or applying for a driver’s license, renewing or applying for registration on motor vehicles, boats and outboard motors, and applying for titles and paying sales taxes on these units.

Copies of the RFPs that bidders will use to develop their bids can be viewed at https://www.moolb.mo.gov/.  To review an RFP, select “Guest” on the home page, click on “Open Bids By Agency,” then scroll through the list of bids until you locate the appropriate one.  (Bid numbers for this week’s offices are located below.)  Additional information regarding the bidding process can be obtained at http://oa.mo.gov/purch/vendorinfo/DORoffices.pdf or by calling OA at (573) 751-2387.

The bidding time for 36 of Missouri’s 183 license offices has already closed.  For a list of bidders on offices for which the bidding time has closed, you can go to http://oa.mo.gov/purch/dorlist.pdf.  For a list of winning bids for license offices, please go to http://oa.mo.gov/purch/awardedfeeoffices.pdf.

Office FY08 Estimated Transactions FY08 Estimated Processing Fees Bid Number
Affton 84,400 $280,981 B3Z09243
Carthage 68,174 $222,051 B3Z09244
Excelsior Springs 46,144 $154,335 B3Z09245
Farmington 67,263 $221,871 B3Z09246
Fulton 42,751 $148,635 B3Z09247
Imperial 77,853 $256,761 B3Z09248