Advanced Industrial Manufacturing Zone

The Advanced Industrial Manufacturing Zone Act requires the Department of Revenue to place 50 percent of the withholdings on new jobs created within an AIM Zone into the Port Authority AIM Zone Fund in accordance with Section 68.075, RSMo. The withholdings are deposited into the fund for the purpose of continue to expand, develop, and redevelop AIM zones identified by the port authority board of commissions and may be used for managerial, engineering, legal, research, promotion, planning, satisfaction of bonds issued under section 68.040, and any other expenses.

AIM Zone Process

  1. Port Authority Board of Commissioners establishes AIM Zone through a resolution.
  2. Port Authority sends Notice of Intent to Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR) regarding formation of AIM Zone.
  3. Port Authority will cc Department of Economic Development (DED) and DED will receive Notice of Intent from DOR.
  4. Port Authority collects data from company and submits to DED to establish base employment.
  5. Development/ Redevelopment has commenced.
  6. Port Authority Board of Commissioners certifies new jobs through board resolution.
  7. Port Authority submits documentation to DED to verify new jobs created.
  8. DED notifies DOR of new jobs.
  9. Company submits FORM MO-AIM to DOR using the same frequency that is used to file Employer's Return of Income Taxes Withheld (Form MO-941).
  10. 50% of the state tax withholdings on new jobs within the zone after development has commenced are deposited into the port authority AIM Zone fund.
  11. The port authority approves any projects, disperses money in the fund, and submits an annual budget for the collected funds to DED explaining how and when the money will be spent.

The Department of Revenue recommends that the AIM Zone Checklist is reviewed and followed as a guideline when submitting documents to DED and DOR. This ensures a smoother process when our Departments receive and process the documents sent in.

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