View a list of Motor Fuel Licensees.

License Classifications:

An individual, partnership or corporation that owns fuel in the bulk transfer/terminal system immediately before its sale at the terminal rack, produces fuel grade alcohol or alcohol-derivative substances in the state of Missouri, produces fuel grade alcohol or alcohol-derivative substances for import to this state into a terminal or acquires upon import into a terminal fuel grade alcohol or alcohol derivative substances.
Permissive Supplier
An out-of-state supplier that elects, but is not required, to have a supplier's license.
A person who either produces, refines, blends, compounds or manufactures motor fuel, imports motor fuel into a state or exports motor fuel out of a state, or is engaged in distribution of motor fuel.
Distributor with Eligible Purchaser Status
A distributor who has been authorized by the director to purchase motor fuel on a tax deferred basis.
Any operator of a pipeline, barge, railroad or transport truck engaged in the business of transporting motor fuel.
Terminal Operator
Any person that owns, operates, or otherwise controls a terminal. A terminal operator may own motor fuel that is transferred through or stored in the terminal.