To access line-by-line instructions for completing a sales or use tax return, visit our forms website here.

Important Note: When using this application do not open multiple windows or use your browser’s back arrow button to move between screens. Instead utilize the links or the gray buttons provided within the application.

Accessing the Sales/Use Tax Electronic Filing system

The system will be down daily from 3:00 a.m. CST – 4:00 a.m. CST. If you are in the system during this timeframe you will be able to save your return but will not be able to submit the return. You will have to go back into the system at a later time to submit your return.

You will need your Missouri Tax Identification Number and PIN Number to file electronically.

  • Your identification number is the 8 digit number issued to you by the Missouri Department of Revenue to file your business taxes. If you make retail sales in Missouri that are subject to Missouri sales or vendor’s use tax, the number is also included on your license.
  • Your PIN is a 4 digit number located on the cover of your voucher booklet or return.

What types of returns can I file using the Sales/Use Tax Electronic Filing system?

At this time, you can only file original returns for tax periods in which no return has yet to be filed. The online system cannot be used for:

  1. Amended or additional returns, tax periods in the future;
  2. Tax periods that are older than 24 months for Sales Tax or prior to January 2011 for Consumer and Vendor use taxes;
  3. Reporting time sales or;
  4. Tax types for which you are currently not registered.

The online system will display the periods that are eligible for filing on your account when you access the system. Once you begin filing electronically you will no longer receive paper returns unless you contact the Department of Revenue to request to continue receiving the paper return. To continue to receive a paper return or if you wish to discontinue filing electronically, contact the Department at 573-751-5860.

You can only use the online filing if you have 150 reporting locations/items or less. Example: If you have 140 registered locations and 11 or more of those have items you will be over the maximum limit to use this filing option. If you have more than 150 locations/items, you must file your return on paper; however a File Transfer (FTP) option is currently under development and will be available at a later date.