Section 32.310.1, RSMo. states the Department of Revenue shall create and maintain a mapping feature on its official public website that displays sales and use tax information of political subdivisions of this state that have taxing authority, including the current tax rate for each sales and use tax imposed and collected.

What does the map show?

The Department sent letters to all counties, districts and political subdivisions requesting GIS format maps. This data was used to construct a map that showcases each of the following;

  • Ambulance districts;
  • Community improvement districts;
  • Fire protection districts;
  • Levee districts;
  • Library districts;
  • Neighborhood improvement districts;
  • Port authority districts;
  • Tax increment financing districts;
  • Transportation development districts;
  • School districts; or
  • Any other political subdivision that imposes a sales or use tax within its borders and jurisdiction.

To view the map, click here.

You can also get your individual tax rate here.

The department has updated the Local Government Tax Guide (Form 4890). We have made an important change to the District Tax section and Annexation – Sales Tax section. The department is requesting that all new or updated Annexation and Sales Tax boundaries be submitted electronically in a GIS format effective August 1, 2019. Preferred GIS formats are included within the form. Providing the boundaries electronically allows for the most accurate representation which will be displayed to the public via the online map. If electronic files in GIS format are not available, there are other acceptable file options that can be submitted to the department.

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