The following information gives you some details on the tax materials you may have received for filing your Missouri individual income tax return.

You should have received one of the following:

Nothing — If you electronically filed or used a tax preparer, or 2-D barcode software to file last year's return, you should not receive a book from the Department of Revenue. Please use our fillable, calculating, and print only forms located on our website.

The department's fillable forms that calculate have a 2-D barcode option. You can now print a 2-D barcode on your return allowing the department to process your return faster and with fewer errors.

Form MO-PTC (Property Tax Credit Book) — If you filed a property tax credit claim using a paper Form MO-PTC last year and you did not file an individual income tax return, you should receive Form MO-PTC. If you are required to file an individual income tax return or want to file to get a refund of taxes withheld, use Form MO-PTS (not Form MO-PTC) with Form MO-1040P or Form MO-1040.

Short and Long Form Books — If you filed a paper Form MO-1040, MO-1040A, or MO-1040P last year, you should receive the same form you filed last year. If your filing situation changed because you married, divorced, have income from another state, or now have a pension qualifying for an exemption, or similar change, you may need a different form.

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