Tax Forms

  • 2018 Early Release - These forms are considered final for software companies, with the exception of federal line references.
  • Data Recognition Forms - These are forms the Department designs to automate document processing to improve overall accuracy and efficiency. Fields on these forms are set up on a 10 x 6 grid (10 characters to the inch and 6 lines to the inch) to assist software developers in creating substitute versions.

Software Vendor Forms & Information

  • Guidelines for Substitute and Reproduced Tax Forms (Form 5629) - This is a set of guidelines that Software Vendors agree to follow when submitting forms for approval.
  • Form 4349 - Letter of Intent for Substitute and Reproduced Income Tax Forms
  • The Department's Electronic Filing Letter of Intent, Schemas and test documents are available through the Federal Tax Administration's State Exchange System. Please e-mail the Electronic Services section at to request access.

File Specifications

Voucher Specifications (01-15-2019) - These are the specifications for all vouchers that can be reproduced by software vendors. You must follow the specifications for approval.

2-D Barcode Information