Criminal history record check information for noncriminal justice applicant privacy rights can be found on the Missouri State Highway Patrol's website.

At the end of a 5- or 10-year denial, you must petition the circuit court in the county where your last alcohol- or drug-related driving conviction occurred to obtain an order of reinstatement. As a part of the petition process, you must register with the Missouri Automated Criminal History Site (MACHS) for a Criminal History Check. That will require a 4-digit Fingerprint Registration Number.

You may use the Fingerprint Registration Number Chart to find the correct number for the court in the Missouri county where your petition is being filed, or you may call our central office at (573) 751-1887.

After you have your Fingerprint Registration Number, you must register with the Missouri Automated Criminal History Site (MACHS) so that your Criminal History Check can be performed by IdentoGO (the fingerprint services vendor for the state of Missouri). Please follow the instructions on the MACHS website.

Individuals without Internet access may contact IdentoGO by phone, toll free, at 844-543-9712. By calling this number, you may speak to a Fingerprint Services Representative who can key the registration into MACHS on your behalf.

Social Security number and birthdate need to be entered correctly as this is how applicants will be looked up at the fingerprinting location. This information CANNOT be changed later. It is a good idea to print the page that shows your registration information and fees. Take the printout to the fingerprinting appointment with you. You will also receive an email with this information, as well as information on how to search for a fingerprint location in your area.

There is a charge for the Criminal History Check, which includes a fingerprinting fee, a state processing fee, and an FBI processing fee.  This fee may be paid at the time you complete your MACHS registration or at the fingerprinting location.  To determine the Criminal History Check fee, visit the MACHS website.

After you have registered with MACHS, you may go to the appropriate fingerprinting location. You are required to:

  • Present photo ID;
  • Provide your Transaction Control Number (TCN); and
  • Pay the Criminal History Check fee if you did not pay at the time of MACHS registration.

You will be fingerprinted, your photo will be taken, and you will receive a receipt. To check the status of your fingerprint submission, go to the Missouri Automated Criminal History Site and click on the “Check Fingerprint Status” on the left-hand side of the page where you will then be directed to search by the applicant’s last name and TCN.

Depending on your criminal history record, it may take 30 days or longer before the results are sent to the Department of Revenue and the court.

Your ability to obtain any type of driving privilege following a 5- or 10-year Denial action hinges on your ability to pass the criminal history check that is required when you petition the court for an Order of Reinstatement:

  • The eligible reinstatement date for a 5- or 10-year Denial should only be thought of as the earliest date that you may petition the court for an order of reinstatement.
  • If you apply for a Limited Driving Privilege (LDP) after your eligible reinstatement date has passed, the application will be denied.  This is true even if your petition for an order of reinstatement is denied by the court.

If you have additional questions about how to obtain an order of reinstatement, please contact the circuit court in the county where your last alcohol- or drug-related driving conviction occurred.