Any resident of this state may elect to have a medical alert notation placed on a driver license or nondriver identification card to note that they have been diagnosed with one of the following conditions, illnesses or disorders; Posttraumatic Stress disorder, Diabetes, Heart Conditions, Epilepsy, Drug allergies, Alzheimer’s or Dementia, Schizophrenia, or Autism.

An individual licensed as a practitioner of medicine or psychology in Missouri may complete the required physician’s statement (Form 5839) confirming the medical condition, illness or disorder.

The addition of a medical alert notation to a driver license or nondriver identification card is optional. It will be added only per request and submission of the required physician’s statement verifying the individual has been diagnosed with the specified condition, illness or disorder.

Yes, the Physician’s Statement and Authorization for Medical Alert Notation, Form 5839, must be completed in full and submitted at the time of request to add a medical alert notation.

Form 5839 will be accepted for a period of only one year from the date of completion by the medical provider. If the completion date is more than one year in the past an updated form will be required.

No. There is no cost to add or remove a medical alert notation. You will pay standard new, renewal, or duplicate transaction and processing fees based on the type of document you are applying for.

No, you only have to present the physician’s statement (Form 5839) upon initial application for the notation.

Exception: Submission of a new Form 5839 is required If you are requesting a change to the medical alert condition type to be displayed on your driver or nondriver identification card or may be required when requesting to add the indicator to a different document type.

Yes. The list below identifies the condition types that may be listed on the front of the driver license or nondriver identification card. Due to space limitations on the printed card only the common acronym or abbreviation be posted.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Diabetes Mellitus (DM)
Drug Allergy (Drug Alrgy)
Epilepsy (EPIL)
Alzheimers Type Dementia (ATD)
Dementia (DEM)
Schizophrenia (SCHZ)
High Blood Pressure (HBP)
Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)

Medical Alert Badge

This commonly recognized medical alert symbol, depicting the six point star with a staff and snake in the center, will be posted to the front of the driver or nondriver license along with the acronym or abbreviation identifying the condition type.

You may apply for a duplicate or renewal (if within six months of expiration) to request a modification or removal of a medical alert notation from your driver license or nondriver identification card or both as applicable.

If you are requesting a change to the condition type to be noted you must submit an updated Form 5839 completed by an eligible medical provider.

If you still have questions, please check out other Driver Licensing FAQs.