Information regarding “masking” can be found in the National Traffic Law Center’s Masking Quick Reference Guide.

As used in 40 CFR 383, the disqualifying offense of “leaving the scene of an accident involving a CMV” is all-inclusive and covers the entire range of situations where the driver of the CMV is required by state law to stop after an accident and either give information to the other party, render aid, or attempt to locate and notify the operator or owner of other vehicles involved in the accident.

Yes. When the base privilege is suspended because of too many points, the driver loses the ability to drive any motor vehicle during the period of the suspension. Once the base privilege suspension is reinstated, the driver can resume driving both noncommercial and commercial motor vehicles as long as no commercial disqualification was entered. The driver may obtain limited driving privileges to drive noncommercial vehicles during a period of base license suspension but cannot obtain commercial driving privileges.

Missouri law 302.309, RSMo clearly states a CDL driver is no longer able to receive any kind of license to operate a CMV while the driving privilege is under suspension, revocation or disqualification. Limited driving privileges are only available to allow the operation of a noncommercial motor vehicle if the applicant is otherwise eligible.

No. The limited driving privilege order states that you are only eligible to operate a class E, F, or M type of vehicle.

According to 49 CFR 383.51 and 302.700, RSMo, CDL drivers who are convicted of certain disqualifying offenses while operating their personal vehicle may have their CDL privilege disqualified. There are some offenses that must be committed in a CMV for disqualification action to be taken.

The Motor Carrier Safety Improvement Act (MCSIA) states that CDL drivers are professional drivers and should be held to a higher standard. The state legislature passed a law in 2004 (Senate Bill 1233) to include the changes from MCSIA into state law. The department is only enforcing the state and federal laws.

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