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NumberNameTax YearRevision Date
1309Land and Personal Tax Aggregate Abstract11/10/2015
1310Railroad and Utility Aggregate Abstract11/19/2015
1312Monthly County Collection Report201712/4/2017
1312Monthly County Collection Report201612/1/2016
1312Monthly County Collection Report201512/2/2015
1312Monthly County Collection Report201410/9/2015
1312Monthly County Collection Report20132/19/2014
1312Monthly County Collection Report201212/18/2012
1312Monthly County Collection Report201112/15/2011
1313Back Tax Aggregate Abstract10/9/2015
1315AMonthly Statement of Collections201712/4/2017
1315AMonthly Statement of Collections201612/1/2016
1315AMonthly Statement of Collections201512/2/2015
1315AMonthly Statement of Collections201410/9/2015
1315AMonthly Statement of Collections201312/3/2013
1315AMonthly Statement of Collections201212/18/2012
1315AMonthly Statement of Collections201112/15/2011
205Collector's Annual Settlement201712/4/2017
205Collector's Annual Settlement201612/1/2016
205Collector's Annual Settlement201512/2/2015
205Collector's Annual Settlement201410/9/2015
205Collector's Annual Settlement20137/18/2014
205Collector's Annual Settlement201212/18/2012
205Collector's Annual Settlement201112/15/2011
326Bond of the Collector or Ex-Officio Collector of Revenue10/9/2015
4583City Fees10/9/2015
4599Recorder's Monthly User Fee Report10/9/2015
4600Children's Trust Fund10/9/2015
4922Statutory County Recorder's Fund10/15/2015