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Number Name Tax Year Revision Date
1141 Application for Financial Institution Tax Credit or Refund 7/16/2013
2643S Missouri Special Events Application 12/1/2015
4714 Tax Calendar 2021 3/22/2021
472P Purchaser's Claim Under Section 144.190.4(2) for Sales or Use Tax Refund (Also includes Form 5433 - Assignment of Rights and Form 5440 - Purchaser Statement) 8/28/2019
472S Seller's Claim for Sales or Use Tax Refund or Credit 8/28/2019
4890 Local Government Tax Guide 7/30/2020
5310 Application for Voluntary Disclosure Agreement 12/1/2014
5378 Agreement to Receive Refund by ACH Transfer 4/21/2017
5430 Purchaser Information - Sales/Use Tax Refund/Credit Claim 3/12/2014
5433 Assignment of Rights from the Seller to Purchaser for Refund Under Section 144.190.4(1) 12/5/2014
5440 Statement Confirming Purchaser's Efforts to Obtain an Assignment of Rights from the Seller for Refund Under Section 144.190.4(2) 12/5/2014
5507 ACH Transfer Agreement for Local Political Subdivisions 1/22/2017
5529 Request for Substitute Forms Approval 9/15/2014
5615 Partial Satisfaction and Discharge of Tax Lien 8/17/2017
5629 Guidelines for Substitute and Reproduced Tax Forms 12/2/2020
5668 Garnishment Hardship Application 8/9/2017
5750 Monthly Statement of Collections - Peace Officers Standards and Training Fund 1/2/2019
5752 Emergency Telecommunications Fees 3/27/2020
5807 Monthly Subscriber Fee 3/4/2021
5808 Medical Marijuana 4% Tax Return 3/2/2020
5829 Coroners' Training Fund 12/31/2020
943T Request for Tax Clearance for Transient Employers 12/17/2014
MO-656B Missouri Business Tax Offer in Compromise 9/20/2020
MO-96 Annual Summary and Transmittal of Missouri MO-99 MIsc 1/8/2019
MO-AIM Port Authority AIM Zone 12/31/2019
MO-NJD Small Business Deduction for New Jobs Under Section 143.173, RSMO 12/2/2014
MO-TF Missouri Tax Credit Transfer Form 5/28/2020
Tax Increment Financing Report Tax Increment Financing Annual Report (for prior year reporting due 2013 and earlier) 8/22/2014