Provides a tax credit to help families offset the costs of caring for an elderly person (age 60 or older).

Eligible Applicants

The caregiver of the elderly person (age 60 or older) must be registered with the Department of Health as a certified shared care member and not receive monetary compensation for providing care for the elderly person meeting the requirements below.

The elderly person must live in the same residence as the caregiver for an aggregate of more than six months per tax year.

  • The elderly person must be physically or mentally incapable of living alone, as determined and certified by a physician licensed pursuant to Chapter 334, RSMo; and
  • Requires assistance with activities of daily living to the extent that without care and oversight at home would require placement in a facility licensed pursuant to Chapter 198, RSMo; and
  • Under no circumstances is able or allowed to operate a motor vehicle; and
  • Does not receive funding or services through Medicaid or Social Services Block Grant Fundings.

How the Program Works

This tax credit will apply to tax years beginning January 1, 2000, (return due date April 15, 2001).

Eligible Use of Tax Credit

This credit is nonrefundable and cannot be carried over.

Procedures to Claim the Credit

To file a claim for the credit with the Missouri Department of Revenue, the original, completed, and signed physician certification for Shared Care Tax Credit Form MO-SCC, must be attached to the individual income tax return.


  • This tax credit may be applied to state individual income tax returns incurred under the provisions of Chapter 143, RSMo.



Missouri Department of Revenue, Taxation Division.